Consulting and training

We focus on providing services to you, listening to your issues and challenges, and seeking to meet these issues with knowledge, experience and services, quality resources and performance. Due to the increasing use of technology and its use in various industries, the complexity of machines and their diversification of applications, achieving the highest level of efficiency and productivity can not be achieved only by operator training

Experiencing and reviewing various manufacturing plants suggests that hardware (machines) without having three key factors: 1) the correct process; 2) robust and up-to-date software and 3) the trained team never will achieved to maximize returns. achieving to such goals needs the full recognition of the machine and its capabilities, the recognition and mastery of the software, and, ultimately, the recognition of various processes and strategies in the sheet metal works,and the return on your investment will only depend on the fact that the changes in a sheet metal system can bring the potential of hardware into action

Many visits and observation of various production methods from small and large factories in various industries have revealed that some systems have been operating without any changes for many years, and that they have never been reviewed in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, while increasing the number of machines and insistence on the number of people for increasing production, less has been the system changes to achieve these goals

Existing systems do not really work because in most of them only operator training is important ,not the best method and process of using the machine for the most optimal production!

Because we have a good machinery , we can not be sure that there is a cost-effective production, many systems work without regard to cost, for example, do you know how much the price of a punch hit is? Why do we think the use of shear versus punch is more affordable? Should we keep our own bottlenecks?

It is quite clear that any manufacturer considers all of the above, and is your permanent concern as a manufacturer. However, achieving these goals requires conditions and, of course, will.

Now the company's services are as follows:
  • -Consultancy in supplying machinery
  • -Analysis and optimization of production processes
  • -Punching and bending and laser training
  • -Familiarize yourself with the equipment and maintenance of punch and press brakes
  • -Complete training for punching and cutting Lantek Cad / cam

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