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Powersync - Lantek integration mechanisms


Powersync integration mechanism makes it possible to transfer data between Lantek software systems and the management systems the company already has in place.Powersync is an interoperation system that uses request-to-system (R2S) commands. Both the amount of information and the schedule for synchronizing data can be adjusted.It is a set of commands generated by a system in a process file to be processed by the cooperating system.These instructions can be executed

  • at the request of the user of any of the systems,
  • programmed to execute all commands accumulated up to a specific point in time,
  • programmed with a set frequency.

The commands, when executed, will cause a series of changes in the data of the cooperating system, providing, as an output, a log that can be used to check that everything was done correctly.

A wide range of elements can be transferred in this way, for example:

  • manufacturing orders,
  • definition of products,
  • definition and statuses of raw materials,
  • quality records.

This mechanism is used when a significant volume of information has to be transferred from one system to another cooperating system. This transfer of information, to further the business’ process, is designed so that information flows from one system to another as many times as is needed: when providing a quote, accepting the order, manufacturing or shipping to the client. This eliminates the need to reenter the information in various systems, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.